Stephen Carrick-Davies

Hatty has worked with us at the Hill Station Community café for a number of years helping to organise and run special events.  Most recently she staged-managed the Big Lunch Community Event which brought over 500 local people together for a community lunch, celebration and entertainment, in a road which was closed off for the day.  Hatty was responsible for designing and planning the events on the main stage and did so superbly.  What we love about working with Hatty is that she is so organised, professional, positive and creative.  This is combined with her considerable writing and social media skills and ‘can-do’ attitude which is infectious to all those who work around her, and as such her involvement in projects is strategic. To find such qualities in a person who is also community-minded and thinks about what is good for all members of a diverse audience is what sets her apart, and we will continue to want to work with her in the future and recommend her services to others.