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Hatty Uwanogho set up Urban Murmur in May 2015 after many years of working for other people.
Always passionate about finding the right word for the right moment, she decided to make the most of her inner word geek and use it for the benefit of other SMEs.

Hatty has a lot of experience with the organisation and management of projects.  She has worked in legal and business affairs in television, and in homewares and furniture. She originally studied foreign languages as (it doesn’t matter which language), words are her favourite thing.

Hatty started writing a blog 4 years ago and since then has written over 300 posts on hattydaze. She also blogs about her DJ collective Dino Collective and her articles have been published on the Trinity Laban blog, Around Dulwich, Dulwich OnView, the Free Film Festivals blog and Broke in London.

Hatty started taking photographs at a young age and can’t quite stop.  One thing that has changed is the fact that today her favourite photographs are taken on her phone and posted on Instagram.

Hatty is a part-time DJ, a full-time mum and an eternal Londoner.